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w/ Hitting Trees

Saturday August 10, 2013

‘‘Dark”, “melodic”, “spiky” and “atmospheric” are all overused words in the noble pursuit of describing sound. Still, they all seem oddly appropriate when trying to get a handle on what Sydney four piece Cabins are.

Produced by Woody Annison (Red Riders, Children Collide), ‘Bright Victory’ captures Cabins’ mix of menace and melodicism. Surrealistic tales penned by front man Leroy are carried along by musical arrangements full of woozy pianos, horns, sparse guitars and a rhythm section that at times threatens to play itself into a trance.

Their debut album is already garnering high critical praise, with the Sydney Morning Herald proclaiming “Cabins join Tame Impala and Cloud Control in the ‘Watch this space’ category”. The dark hypnotic rhythms also won over local street press Drum Media, who awarded their debut LP with ‘CD of the week’, gushing that it contained “a completely captivating vampire western sound that manages to…both move you and at the same time root you to the spot’’.

Add to this an amazing live show that continues to impress all comers, and tours in the company of such luminaries as The Scare, The Mess Hall, Children Collide, The Soft Pack and Alberta Cross, and all signs point to a unique band on a dizzyingly sharp ascent.

Doors 8pm. Free.

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